Gratitude Attitude

Last year around this same time, I shared a tradition of Jordan and mine that dates way back to before we were married…prehistoric times 🙂 It’s our “Journal of Thanks” – each November, we write down one thing a day that we’re thankful for. And I’ve been thinking about how much I love this tradition & how I love to see what things Jordan comes up with.

However, the thing I’ve enjoyed the most…how much I’ve grown from this tradition. How it forces me to stop & notice the little things in life & to really think about all the things I’ve been blessed with.

I’m going to try a new thing, so bear with me! I’m going to see if I can keep this tradition going for an entire year. Not in the same way that our family does for the month of November, but to adapt & evolve a little bit more.

Each Thursday, I’m going to share on my Instagram stories a list of 1-3 things I’m thankful for that week, day, month, whatever it may be. I don’t want to spend just one month out of the year being grateful, I want to practice that each & every day. And I want to teach my children how to be grateful as well.

Too often in life we’re thinking about what’s next; what can we do that’s bigger or better, or how can I get a bigger house or a bigger TV or a nicer car? Don’t get me wrong, improving yourself is NOT a bad thing. But what’s wrong with appreciating exactly where you’re at in life? What’s wrong with thanking the Lord for your 1950’s fixer-upper home, rather than being envious over your friend’s newer & nicer homes?

So if you’re up for the challenge, join me & share what you’re thankful for each Thursday (or Tuesday or Monday, or whatever day floats your boat) – but let’s spread some goodness & thankfulness around the internet! If I feel like it makes sense, I might even blog about whatever I’m thankful for that week – I like to keep you guys on your toes 😉

If you want to see what I’m thankful for today, head over to my Instagram stories & check it out! I’ll leave a graphic at the end for you to screenshot & share yourself! Hint…it might have something to do with the people in the picture below 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, friends!