Christmas Wish List

Who remembers back in the day when stores would send out catalogs around Christmas time? Let me tell ya, those catalogs were a HOT commodity around our house! My siblings and I would each take turns flipping through & writing our initials by all the toys, gadgets & clothes we wanted for Christmas. We’d then turn over the catalogs to our parents and cross our fingers that some of those items would appear under the tree come Christmas morning.

My how times have changed when it comes to Christmas lists! Jordan and I make it really easy & send each other links to websites via email & call it a day. Or, we’ve been known to wait until after Christmas when there are LOTS of good deals and just spend a day shopping together. He REALLY hates shopping, so I doubt we’ll do that again anytime soon.

This year, I’m going to compile a few wish list items here & just cross my fingers that he reads my blog. You never know, some of these gifts might be perfect for a friend or family member on your list! Happy Christmas shopping my friends! 

For The Inner Bookworm

I always set a goal for myself at the beginning of the year; to read 10 books in 12 months. I fail miserably every year, but it doesn’t stop me from trying! Here are some books I’m hoping to check off my list in 2019. 

A book to help you channel your inner OCD, The Home Edit  //  A book to help you smile, Joyful  //  A book to help parent the way God intended, The Life-Giving Parent  //  A book for the heck of it, Small Great Things  //  A book to help minimize, 7  //  A book to teach, Girl Stop Apologizing


Nobody Homebodies Like I Do

I am ALL about being a homebody, especially in my old age! Here are all the things I deem necessary for a night in. 

You can’t go wrong with a Harry Potter marathon, 8 film collection  //  No such things as too many comfy blankets (much to my husband’s dismay), Fireside Faux Fur Throw Blanket  //  What more does one need to be a homebody than the book Home Body, Home Body  //  Any good night in requires a great smelling candle, French Cade Lavender  //  Wearing a snarky sweatshirt never hurts either, Fleece Lined Pullover  //  Last but not least, what movie night is complete without the world’s cutest house slippers, Far Away


I Feel Pretty!

I love a good splurge on beauty and self-care products!

I actually already bought this for myself on Jordan’s behalf, Start Today Journal  //  I’ve heard this lip balm is the bomb, Peppermint Lip Conditioner  //  Gives you some nice grit & texture, Dry Texturizing Spray  //  This works like magic & smells like heaven, Overnight Resurfacing Peel  //  You get a coffee tumbler, you get a coffe tumbler, More Coffee Please  //  I wore this on my wedding day & I will FOREVER love it, Lollia


Hey Big Spender!

Now, this is where I’m REALLY dreaming! Things I know we’d never get for Christmas, but would possibly splurge on if we won the lottery!

I’m DYING to see Rachel Hollis live, Rise Weekend  //  My favorite place on earth, Hogwarts  //  Justin Timberlake in concert, do I really need to say more? Man of the Woods Tour  //  I actually hate coats, but this one looks so comfy, Italian Tweet Topcoat  //  My second favorite place on earth, Trip to Disney  //  Who doesn’t love a good statement mirror, Studded Pyramid

So I have to admit, this Christmas list was MUCH more fun to put together than the ones back in the days of a catalog! Leave a comment below of items you think I should add to my list!

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