July Happy Hour

Pregnancy Craving
Legit…all the drumsticks in the world. Caramel filled…fudge-filled…plain vanilla, I legit do not discriminate against drumsticks. Or french fries. I’m actually on a hunt for Omaha’s best french fries, so if you have a place I should try – let a pregnant girl know! 

Also, I know July is TECHNICALLY over…but give a girl a break, okay?! My brain cannot comprehend that we’ll be entering fall soon, I feel like I’m still working on my summer tan! 

The Couple Next Door

I’m going to say this before I even get into the actual book review. Do not read while you are pregnant. Just don’t do it to yourself. Within the first chapter, a 6-month old baby is kidnapped from its crib…and the rest is a whirlwind because if you’re a mother, you can’t put it down until you know that the innocent child is safe. 

I was quickly reminded how I have a love/hate relationship with thriller books! I love them because I can’t put them down, but I hate them because I can’t put them down & I always feel the need to sleep with the lights on or watching an episode or two of New Girl to lighten the mood. 

This was my first book by Shari Lapena & I think it’s pretty safe to say, it won’t be my last. 

I would definitely recommend this book to a friend, just not a pregnant one! 

Right now I’m currently reading Everybody Always by Bob Goff & holy toledo, I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you next month. I’ll also be doing a giveaway on my Instagram & Facebook, so if you’re not already following…get after it!

Kiddie Clothes

It’s no secret that I love shopping…and I LOVE shopping for Quincy! We’re huge fans of Emma Grace Shoppe, someone we just happened to stumble across on Instagram…thank the Lord for the ol’ gram! I’ve ordered a handful of things from the online boutique & the quality never disappoints.

When I saw the “You Make Me Brave” shirt on their site, I immediately purchased it for Q. And I was lucky enough to snag a photo of her wearing it before she smeared peanut butter all over it…thank goodness toddlers are so dang cute, am I right?!

If you’re looking for a great small business to support, I’d definitely give them a look! And you can use code FROST20 for 20% off your order!

Hey Mr. DJ!
I can’t get enough of this song…I heard it for the first time at church a few weeks ago & every version I can find has been on repeat. 

Lord, you found me
You healed me
You called me from the grave
You gave me your real love
I thank you Jesus
You washed my sins away
And now I’m living
I got forgiven
You came to set me free
And that’s what your mercy did for me

Internet Gems
4 Mistakes Parents Make with Technology

My new good friend, Samantha Johnson, shared this article on her Instagram stories a while back & I immediately Google it so I could absorb the knowledge. And let me tell you…such a good read! I found myself multiple times audibly agreeing with what the writer was saying. 

“The reason many kids are addicted to technology is because their parents are. We are the leaders. We must model the way.”

HELLO – what a wake-up call! My daughter is not even 2 yet & I’m aware that she’s aware of how much Jordan and I are on our phones. Whether it’s work, personal or whatever…we need to dial it back. Significantly. 

Welp, the clock is telling me bedtime was over an hour ago & my body is telling me that bedtime was about 3 hours ago…so with this, I’ll bid adieu, but I love hearing suggestions from you guys on what I should try every month. 


Let me know what books, podcast, Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/HBO series I need to try! I’ll be your guinea pig 🙂 

Thanks for stopping by, friends!


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