Never Will I Ever… #MomEdition

If you’re a first-time mom, a mom of a gaggle of kids or waiting to become a mom, I’m sure you’ve said a time or two, “I will NEVER let my kids do that…” Raise your hand if you’ve uttered those words before… go ahead, I’ll wait, there’s no judgment or shame here. You can’t see, but I’ve got BOTH my arms raised HIGH into the air.

I will NEVER let my kids act like that in public. I will NEVER put a binky in my kid’s mouth that just fell on the floor. I will NEVER let my kid sit in front of the tv so I can get a break for 15 minutes. Oh Lordy….how I have put my foot directly into my mouth so many times saying, “Never will I ever” statements.

My little girl is just over a year & I have already crossed SO many of those things off my list. I did a little “research” and asked some of my fellow mamas things they SWORE they would never do & then found themselves doing once, twice or sometimes on a daily basis just to save their sanity. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it & if you haven’t…well you’re just lying!

Disclaimer: The names have been changed to protect the innocent mamas who just need ONE minute of peace to keep their sanity.

“I will NEVER use the tv as a babysitter…”
(I say as I plop my child in front of the tv & close my eyes for seriously…just. one. second.)

“I will NEVER get her everything she wants at Target. Her face, it’s just so cute & I can’t say no.”
(I say as I slowly let her load up the shopping cart.)

“I will NEVER let her sleep in the bed with us.”
(I say as I get poked in the eyes, kicked in the ribs & smacked in the face.)

“I will NEVER let my kid have an overabundance of toys.”
(I say as I try to locate my child amongst the hoards of toys.)

“I will NEVER let my kid’s toys take over my living room.”
(I say as I step on a damn Lego piece for like the FIFTH time in 2 minutes.)

“I will NEVER let my kid out of the house in grungy clothes.”
(I say as I wipe my child’s runny nose with their shirt.)

“I will NEVER sleep train my kid, I canNOT just let them cry.”
(I say as I’m sleep deprived & barely hanging on.)

“I will NEVER give my child fruit snacks for breakfast.”
(I say as I hand them a second, third & unashamedly fourth pack.)

“I will NEVER be a short order cook for my child.”
(I say as I make them a PB & J with no crust because they don’t want the chicken & veggies the rest of the family is eating).

“I will NEVER put my kids in matching clothes.”
(I say as I try to put my kids AND myself in matching clothes)

Let’s all raise a toast to those things we said we’d NEVER do, but do in desperation. And remember next time you’re about to utter that phrase…”I will NEVER…”, that mom or dad might be barely hanging on. We’ve all been there, we’ve all been the exhausted parent, the stretched-too-thin mom or dad, the I-will-literally-do-whatever-you-want-so-you’ll-just-behave parent.

None of us are perfect mamas, but we are doing our darnedest to love our kids with everything we have. And I think that’s a pretty awesome thing!

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