Soul Snacks

How often during the day are you wishing for better?

I wish I had a nicer car…
I wish I was further along in my career…
I wish my school debt would disappear…
I wish I could take that SUPER luxurious vacation…
I wish I could lose 10 more pounds…
I wish my hair was longer/shorter/darker/brighter…
I wish I had my life together…

I am definitely guilty of ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Wishing for more, for better, for whatever – it’s such an easy thing to do & sometimes it almost feels second nature. While I don’t think there is ANYTHING wrong with visualizing your goals – in fact, I think that is a really healthy thing to do! I do, however, think it can turn into a rather slippery slope. I know I’ve caught myself a time or two literally wishing away an entire day. And what good does that do? Nothing…absolutely nothing, but make me depressed!

Instead of thinking of all the things you DON’T have, why not be grateful for all the things you DO have?! Why not spend an entire afternoon thinking of all the things in your life that are wonderful & are worth celebrating? And even MORE than that, why not be thankful for the things that make YOU uniquely YOU!

Saaay what?! Like ACTUALLY be thankful that I’m not at my ideal weight? Or be thankful that I have a crappy car that is always falling apart? 

HELL YEAH! You have food to eat, you have transportation, you are LIVING & breathing! It is so stinkin’ easy to be jealous of what other people have and to be envious of others. But have you ever thought that others might be jealous & envious of what YOU have? Just let that sink it for a moment.
Somewhere, out there someone else is praying for the things YOU have! They’re wishing away their afternoon dreaming of your car, of your house, of your body, of your friends, family, job, lifestyle, you name it! They want the life you’re already living.
I’m trying something new. I’m taking that jealousy, that ugly envy, and kicking it to the curb. Let’s be honest, it’s not a good look for anyone. So anytime, I even start to go down that road of “Wah, wah, wah – poor me!” I stop myself & vocally list off three things I am grateful for or love about myself. There are power in words, ya’ll!! Speaking those truths out loud can make a huge difference.

Enter Soul Snacks – a sweet treat for your soul!

It seems so simple, just three things, big or small. At first, it was a little weird & I felt clunky doing it – but after a while, it became much easier to think of all the wonderful things the good Lord has blessed me with! My health, family, friends, job, roof over my head, etc.

Also, it’s important to note, don’t feel silly being thankful for some of the more…errr…surface items! Like, hey I’m really thankful for my eyelashes! It sounds dumb, but I really like them – so why not embrace that? Or hey…I really like the way my hair looks today, I’m having a REALLY FREAKIN’ good hair day & I’m going to be thankful for that!

It’s whatever makes YOU feel good! If it’s your killer blowout, get it girl! If it’s your hand-me-down 1994 Toyota Camry that gets you to work every morning, good for you! If it’s that you bought that pair of jeans that make your butt look awesome, you go Glen Coco! The bottom line, let’s celebrate what makes us, us. And let’s empower ourselves to fill up our souls with the good stuff, not the green envy sludge.

So…tell me! What are your souls snacks? What do you love about yourself? What are you thankful for? What is something that makes you happy or smile or laugh?

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