I Like Big Burgers & I Cannot Lie: Part Two

Hooray – I know you’ve all been DYING for part deux of my burger series! And if you haven’t…well then humor me & pretend that you have! Buckle up my friends…this one is cheesy, cheesy, cheesy!

#2 Tomato Basil Cheese Stuffed Burger with Jalapeno BLT Slaw

Sweet Mary & Joseph…I’m going to include the recipe here in case you choose not to read any further. Disclaimer…we veered off this recipe quite a bit, mostly because I couldn’t find a handful of the ingredients at Aldi, but our replacements were off the charts good! Instead of the Cabot Tomato Basil Cheese, we opted for a mixture of Priano Fresh Mozzarella & Sargento’s Tomato & Basil Jack slices & it was flipping divine! We also substituted the Moore’s seasoning with Stonemill Amazing Burger Grilled seasoning.

What’s even more amazing about this burger, it’s just as delicious the next day as leftovers. And I haven’t even mentioned the jalapeno BLT slaw just yet. I am not a fan of spicy ingredients, so we left out the jalapenos & it was still incredibly scrumptious. So scrumptious, that my one-year-old ate the slaw on its own. In fact, she may or may not have stuck her face straight into the pile on her high chair. What can I say…she gets her eating habits from her dad.

Frost Rendition

• 2 pounds ground beef
• 5 slices of Sargento Tomato & Basil Jack Cheese
• 5 generous chunks of Priano Fresh Mozzarella
• 2 Tbsp. of Stonemill Amazing Burger grilled seasoning

• Handful of cherry tomatoes, diced
• 5 slices of thick cut bacon
• ¾ cup mayo (next time I’ll probably do less)
• 1 cup of coleslaw ready lettuce
• Toasted Pepperidge Farm onion buns

Once again, this recipe is SO easy! The trickiest step, making sure your patties are nice & sealed! Let’s begin, my dear burger-loving friends!

STEP ONE – Mix the seasoning with the meat. Did you do it? Great… you’re done!

STEP TWO – The original recipe suggested making 8 flat burger patties, but I felt like I had enough to make 10, so I did it. Call me a rebel. My guess is I made them TOO thick & I’ll explain why that was a problem later on.

STEP THREE – Cheesin’ up the patties! Here is how I assembled them. Pattie on the bottom, a quarter slice of tomato & basil cheese, a chunk of fresh mozzarella, another quarter slice of tomato & basil cheese & then finished it out with another pattie on top. Repeat until you’ve got 5 mammoth patties.

STEP FOUR – This is where I feel like I failed. Sealing the patties seemed to be going well until I started cooking them. Although I think had I made mine slightly thinner, those suckers would have been SEALED airtight.

STEP FIVE – Assemble the slaw! Chop up your matos, chop up your scrumptious bacon, & mix ‘er in with the slaw & mayo! Quick tip: Next time, I’m going to do less mayo – it was a little too mayo-y for my taste.

STEP SIX – Cook them burgs! Again, the weather was frigid & I was unsupervised (for the most part) so I opted for cooking these on a skillet. This is whether my severe lack of pattie-sealing skills became blatantly obvious. One of two things happened, one- my patties were not sealed well enough OR two- I had too much cheese (if that’s even a thing) in between each pattie. I personally don’t think there’s a thing as too much cheese, so I’ll settle with the first option.

STEP SEVEN – Toast the buns, slap on the burger, top with slaw & EAT!

Oh yes, the side dish! This time I opted for some zucchini fries. SUPER YUMMY & SUPER easy. I literally made this one up on the fly…but here’s a similar idea.

I wonder if I’ll ever get sick of burgers. Is it possible to overdose on burgs? I just don’t think it’s possible…the options are literally endless!

Stay tuned for part three in the series – coming soon!

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