The Stand

I won’t lie…after a CRAZY busy holiday weekend & an even crazier impending weekend coming up, I didn’t really feel like posting something on the blog this week. I’d made a commitment to myself at the beginning of this journey that I would post at least once a week. Until now, I’ve kept that information to myself, on the off chance that a week like this past one would sneak up on me where I just did not want to write. My heart was not in it.

I didn’t feel like I had anything worthy to share & I don’t want to post articles just to keep up with the quota I had set out for myself at the beginning…I only ever want to share QUALITY things with you guys. So last night I had made my mind up…I wasn’t going to post this week. I would take it off & jump back into things next week. Well…the Lord had other plans.

On the way to daycare this morning, there I was sitting at a red light & all I really wanted to do was go home and crawl back into bed. I felt exhausted, unmotivated & completely emotionally, mentally & physically spent. Then the words of Hillsong’s “The Stand” hit me straight in the freaking gut.

So what can I say

And what could I do

But offer this heart O God

Completely to You

So I’ll walk upon salvation

Your Spirit alive in me

This life to declare Your promise

My soul now to stand

So I’ll stand

With arms high & heart abandoned

In the awe of the One who gave it all

So I’ll stand

My soul Lord, to You, surrendered

All I am is Yours

Guys…my eyes filled with tears. Tears of joy. My heart filled right up with the Lord’s love & it was an overwhelming moment. A peaceful moment. Just me, my daughter & the sweet Lord Jesus there in the car with me. It was such a beautiful reminder that when we feel run down, burdened with the day’s demands & completely exhausted from life…the Lord is there to pick us up. To lift us up & to walk beside us. To give us new life, new hope, new vigor to spread the promise of His word.

I am so thankful that I serve such a gracious & loving Father…one who speaks to me in the quiet moments, one who will constantly be there to give me strength when I have none & one to worship in the car with my daughter on the way to daycare.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week…just the lovely promise of the Lord. And I saw just because it’s a simple sentiment with a message that is bigger than any of us can imagine.

All I am is Yours, Lord!!


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