10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

I know that TECHNICALLY Easter is the next holiday, but…Mother’s Day is just around the corner & if your husbands (or children if they’re old enough) are as big of a procrastinator as mine…then just shoot them this link & let them know you’ll take one of everything! And don’t worry…if gifts aren’t your thing, I threw in a few ideas towards the end that don’t require accounting for 5-7 business days for shipping.

#1 Snuggly Patagonia Sweater

Let’s just say…even with warmer weather just around the corner, I don’t think I’d ever take this off! And now that I’m spending some more time on the Patagonia site…it looks like Jordan might be in more trouble than originally anticipated because this sweater is also calling my name. And while we’re on the topic of lounge clothing, let’s chat about #2 & #3 which are ESSENTIAL for an evening or weekend at home.

#2 Pink Blush Robe

First things first…you DO NOT have to be pregnant to enjoy one of these robes! I did, however, purchase one of these before Quincy was born & I lived in this before AND after she arrived! I definitely plan to snag another one here soon – they are SO soft & stretchy & it’s pretty much like you’re not wearing anything at all. Or you can just walk around with nothing on…I mean, you do you baby boo.

#3 House Slips

I wouldn’t mind doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher, picking up after my husband & daughter if my tootsies could enjoy these bad boys! Who am I kid…I’d still hate doing all of those things – but these house slippers would DEFINITELY lift my spirits. And then once I’m done slaving around the house, I’ll kick up my feet & make Jordan and Quincy wait on me. Done deal!

#4 Nickel & Suede Earrings

Last Mother’s Day, I requested these earrings & let me tell you…..I’ve never owned a more favorite & perfect pair of earrings. And that’s why it was so much more devastating when I lost one of them…I still haven’t fully recovered. If you’ve never worn leather earrings before, it’s similar to the Pink Blush robe…like you’re wearing nothing at all. They are so freaking lightweight & they go with just about anything & everything. I think this year I might put these on my wishlist for J. Or these. Or these.

#5 For Your Drank

Great for wine, soda, wine, tea, coffee, lemonade or wine! Bonus, it comes in lots of beautiful colors & it keeps your beverage chilled or warm for houuuuurs. If this little guy doesn’t quite cut it for your drinking habits (whether adult or not), you could always opt for one of their larger sized tumblers.

#6 Athletic Wear


I’m really digging the color of these leggings! And if you’re a loyal follower of the blog, you already know how I feel about Kora Fitness – but if you’re new, Welcome!, & want to catch up real quick here. Their sports bras are to die for & I am really itching to get a pair of their leggings. And to be totally transparent with you, I don’t plan on wearing these to the gym, but rather to wear around the house to make myself FEEL more active & fit. Don’t shame me for it…you all do the same thing!

#7 What Mom Doesn’t Need This?!

If you’re a mom, or a female, or a human in general – you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say…how did we all live SO long without dry shampoo?! It’s the legit glue that is holding my life together. Okay, okay…I admit that’s dramatic, but this stuff is gold in an aerosol can. Here are a few different options & if your husband/boyfriend/whoever is buying you some, let them know to get a few cans! Living Proof, Not Your Mother’s & a couple of popular ones according to my Insta friends, Kevin Murphy & Amika!

#8 Doesn’t Require Money, Just Your Time

I don’t know about you ladies, but I LOVE a good back rub or foot rub or when Jordan plays with my hair…just about anything that includes being pampered while I sit at home in my jams. This past year as part of my Christmas gift, he gave me homemade coupons to redeem throughout the year. This would work great for Mother’s Day too & your dudes can tailor them to the things you love! Bonus points: artistic ability not required but totally worth it!

#9 Netflix & Chill…with the ACTUAL Chill

There’s nothing I love more than when Jordan tells me I can pick out the movie. Mostly because I have a LONG list of cheesy, rom-com movies to watch & I love when I get to make him sit through one. Bonus points: If he ends up liking the movie. Bonus BONUS points: If he gets me a Sonic Blast beforehand.

#10 Sleeping In & Breakfast in Bed

I mean…I feel like this one needs the LEAST amount of explanation. As moms we are constantly running around, catering to a bazillion people’s needs & always putting ourselves last – in short, we run ourselves ragged. I am by no means trying to downplay what father’s do, but hey…this is article is about the moms – the dads will get their moment to shine in 2 months. What better way to say, “Hey wife, I love you & appreciate all you do for our family…why don’t you sleep in & I’ll get up with the kids! And once you’re awake, we’ll bring you waffles, bacon, eggs & a big ol’ mimosa jug!” It’s like they say, feed me & tell me I’m pretty. 


To all the moms, grandmas, and moms-to-be out there, you guys are INCREDIBLE in every single way & I cannot give you enough praise, thanks & gratitude for the literal thankless job you do, day in & day out! For the month of May, I’m going to be doing a fun special on Mom’s to celebrate some of the women in my life who are downright killing it at the mom game & I am so FREAKING excited to share it with you guys, so stay tuned! If you think one of your friends would love to follow along, share this on Facebook & tag them so they can subscribe & not miss out on all the fun!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

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