Mom Like Me: Theresa Vassios

I honestly couldn’t think of a BETTER way to end this series than with celebrating the best mom in the whole world – MINE! I’ll never be able to put into words how much she means to me & the enormous impact she has had & continues to have on my life. She has always, ALWAYS been a constant support in my life, even when she didn’t happen to agree with a decision I was making. We had those seriously rough & ugly years, where I was a total snot & I still get sick to my stomach when I think of how I used to treat her. But thankfully…she’s my mom & she loved me through all of that! And now being a mom to a daughter myself, it’s like my eyes were opened to this entirely new perspective & I remember telling her after Quincy was born, “I get it. I totally understand how you feel about us kids.” That was such a life-defining moment for me, to be able to fully understand my mom & what it means to love some unconditionally. So without further adieu, here she is – my very own Mother Theresa!

What does it mean to you to be a mom?
A mom to me is, of course, raising responsible, kind, hardworking and God loving children. It is loving unconditionally, and sacrificially at all times, it is encouraging them in their strengths and praying praying PRAYING for your children at all ages and stages.

What is your favorite part of motherhood?
I actually loved every stage; the baby, the toddler, the school age (although…not so much jr. high & high school haha). Having adult children now is a lot of fun because we all truly like to spend time together.

What have you found to be the hardest part of motherhood? Or least favorite part of motherhood?
I think the hardest part was letting them each make their own choices. Sometimes I wasn’t especially in favor of some choices, mainly due to concern for their hurt or direction they were taking. For me as a parent, letting go and letting your child be independent of you is the hardest & it is forever a series of letting go!

If you could compare motherhood to one thing, what would it be?
I really can’t think of something that describes it, but I think it is a constant loving, nurturing and selfless giving, with rewards of having your kids grow to be strong, mature & serving adults.

In the spirit of encouraging & celebrating each other – what is one piece of advice you would give to a new mom?
I think when the hard times come, try to embrace it and learn from it, but also realize that “It too shall pass”. Every child eventually gets the sleep thing down and is potty trained. I also remember having a group of moms that would encourage each other and also served as a sounding board with ideas and tips to make life easier. Surround yourself with moms who lift you up and encourage you in your role.

What is the WEIRDEST thing you’ve done as a mom?
I put on a “dance costume” and performed a dance routine with other dance moms at Michaela’s high school dance team banquet. Seriously…an embarrassing moment!!!

Based on your children’s personality at this very moment, what would their high school superlative be?
My son Nik would be Most Awesome Brain! And my two daughters would be Most Awesome Moms!

If you had an afternoon to yourself, what would we find you doing?
Getting a manicure & pedicure & definitely taking a nap!

On a scale of 1 to the center of the sun, how hot do you like your shower water?
Probably an 8 – I’m not sure what the center of the sun would be, but probably too hot for me!

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to FULLY explain to my mom how much I love, appreciate & respect her! She has raised three strong, independent, God-fearing kids & is a wonderful Nana to her three grandbabies. If I grow up to be half the mom she is, then I’ll know I’m doing something right. And did I mention, she reads EVERY. SINGLE. ARTICLE. I post? And then she’ll text me with spelling or grammar errors that she sees 🙂  Man…I could seriously go on & on & on. She’s just the best – I love you, mom!


This series has been SO much fun for me to put together & so much fun for me to share with all of you! I love getting to hear the different ways moms parent & their different experiences because I’m sure I’ve said it a million times, but no two moms are the same & no two kids are the same…so how would it even be possible for us all to parent the same? Getting to learn from other moms is so special & sharing in those hardships is such a sacred & bonding experience. I could not be more grateful for everyone that participated & everyone that followed along. You guys are seriously the best!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!