Father’s Day Gift Guide

Somehow Father’s Day is less than 10 days away…and holy crap, I have seriously procrastinated! I wish I could blame it on being pregnant or busy at work…but in all honesty, I’ve been lazy & it’s just snuck up on me! Earlier this week on my Instagram stories, I asked you guys to help out with this article by sharing some ideas of what you’re gifting/have gifted the special dudes in your life. From athletic dudes to music dudes, to drinking dudes…Grit & Grace has you covered!

Drinking Dudes (Alcoholic or Non)

Yeti tumbler, Yeti cooler, Yeti bags, Yeti…Yeti…Yeti. Literally, anything from the Yeti brand is going to be a stand-up gift for your stand-up dude!

If your dude’s a drinker & he likes a mean bourbon…look no further! Now…I know zero about bourbon, so I did my research & asked my friend & her husband who live in Kentucky, home of a delicious bourbon & they suggested this one, this one, or this one

Coffee Mug
If your husband is anything like mine, the bigger the coffee cup, the better! I swear, he could drink a pot of coffee a day & still make it to bed by 9pm. We both share a love for coffee mugs, which is probably why our kitchen is overflowing with them. If your dude likes coffee & humor you could get this one or this one. Although, if he’s a little more tradish…you might opt for this one!

Beans Beans…the Magical Fruit
While this kind of beans isn’t what that childhood song is about, your dude is gonna need coffee beans to go with that new coffee mug! We’re no fancy pants in our house & we love a good bag of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee! We’re partial to their hazelnut, french vanilla and the good ol’ Columbian blend.


My hubs was sweet enough to look through my Mother’s Day Gift Guide post & he purchased legit ALL of my Mother’s Day gifts directly from the blog #winning! One of the items was a lightweight sweatshirt from Patagonia. It’s truly heaven on Earth. I found this sweatshirt while I was perusing their site & I can’t help but picture how cute my dude would look wearing this.

Lululemon or Outdoor Voices
I realize that I’m probably going to be in the minority when I say this but I’ve never purchased anything from Lululemon before & until two days ago when someone suggested Outdoor Voices as a place to shop for their dude…I’d never heard of it! Can you tell how active we are as a family?! So while I’m writing this article, we’re doing some late night Netflix binging & I’m doing some online shopping…dangerous combo, I know! While 99% of what Lulu sells is over my price range, I did have some luck “window” shopping. If your dude is active, something like this, this, or these shoes might be a great gift for him!

Hats, Hats, Hats…Dear Lord…more Hats!
Jordan has a sick obsession with hats. You think I’m kidding? I swear if I did an Instagram tour of my house right now, there would be at least one hat in every single room. My house is littered with them – but they make my husband happy! This Father’s Day, he stumbled upon a new brand of hat that he just HAD. TO. HAVE. So, I did what any adoring wife would do & bought it against my better judgment. Now…if I was a REALLY nice wife, I might have signed him up for the “Snapback of the Month” club…but let’s be honest, no one needs that many damn hats. But you could be way nicer than me & want to spoil your husband once a month for an entire year…you go Glen Coco!

Backpacks (not the kind from Dora)
While I’m not entirely sure if my husband would get a lot of use out of this, I know that my brother definitely would! He is what you would call a true mountain man. He lives in Colorado, has a grizzly beard & lives in a legitimate log cabin with his wife & soon-to-be baby girl. They are constantly going on hikes & traveling. A backpack like this, this or this stylish lil’ thing, would definitely come in handy while he’s out enjoying the good ol’ outdoors.

Book Worm

Personalized Book
I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a little ashamed I didn’t think of this one before, but one of my good gal pals suggested this as a gift for dads. And since Quincy is going through a strictly DADDY ONLY phase right now, this would be a PERFECT gift for Jordan! A personalized book that’s all about the sweet & precious bond between a daddy & his daughter. 

Books, Books, Books!
If you’ve been following me here at Grit & Grace or know me personally, you may have heard me talk about Jordan & my’s goal this year of reading 12 books. While I’m still on pace to finish, Jordan’s already read way more than me. Still, he is constantly adding books to our Amazon wishlist. Here are a few that he’s read & really enjoyed; Chase the Lion, Leaders Eat Last and Capital Gaines.

Between jotting down his thoughts, goals & aspirations & taking notes in the many, many books he’s reading, Jordan is always in the business for a new notebook. Since we frequent Target at least once a week, this is usually where we’ll pick up a few. Most often, we purchase this Yoobi brand because they’re small, compact & easy to tote around but even better – every Yoobi item that’s purchased, that same item will be donated to a classroom in need, right here in the U S of A! That’s what we call a win, win!

Music & Food

Vinyl Records
One of my gal pals suggested this & if your dude is a music lover, this is such a great keepsake for them! There’s something so romantic about putting a record on, cueing up the lights & eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s on the couch in your sweats together. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is!

Concert Tickets
While I was doing research for this particular gift & by research, I mean asking my husband what his bucket list concert is, he replied with, “Oh, I don’t really care about concerts.” I proceeded to prod him & said he HAD to make a decision. His response…Jason Aldean, Imagine Dragons or Tupac (insert awkward silence). Hopefully, your dude has better taste in music than my husband. Whether you like the music your dude likes or not, concerts always make for a great date night! Bonus points: If the concert is in a nearby bigger city & you get to make a whole weekend of it.

Thug Kitchen Cookbook
If your dude is handy in the kitchen, why not encourage that with one of the most hilarious & delicious cookbooks out there? Warning: foul language is included, but tasty treats are sure to come!

Personalized Steak Brand
This gift is PERFECT for the steak lovin’ dude! I really don’t think I need to say more than that…if your dude likes grilling, this is sure to put a smile on his face!


If you’re like me & are constantly at a loss for what to get your dude, I hope this gift guide was helpful! If not…my sincerest (and sarcastic) apologies 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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