Feels Like Home

One year ago, he was laying on my chest & I was crying. I was broken, exhausted & felt so alone. I wanted to go “home” even though I was sitting in his nursery. I wanted to go back. Before he was born. Before it felt so dark.

Here I am, one year later, he’s laying on my chest & I’m crying. Crying because this couldn’t feel more like home. My son, sleeping peacefully while I rock him is the most natural feeling in the world. He and I were meant for each other. I was made to be his mom and he was made to be my son.

What a gift. What a precious, precious gift. To have made it a year with my son. For us to have bonded so deeply. I never want to take these moments fore granted. I never want to forget how this feels; Happiness. Wholeness. True Peace.

Holding him feels like home.

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