Baby Essentials

Having a baby can be SO overwhelming. Having a baby with NO idea what to purchase & what you really need is even more overwhelming! I’m not saying I’m a baby connoisseur, far from it in fact, but I’ve got a few favorite baby essentials that we couldn’t live without!

Disclaimer: the product images below are not my own. 


With our first, Quincy, we used the Summer Infant video monitor & we only chose that one solely because I found it at a steep discount at Target. The photo wasn’t great & the battery NEVER stayed charged, so I knew I would want to upgrade once we found out I was pregnant with Daxton. So far we’ve been using the Motorola video monitor & my favorite thing about it – I can switch between both Quincy & Daxton’s rooms OR I can have both on the screen at the same time. Also, 6 months in & it stays charged to boot!

Sound Machine

We have used a sound machine in both kids’ rooms since the day we brought them home, so this is definitely a must in our house. This is the one we use in Quincy’s room & the one we use in Daxton’s. No reason for having two separate ones other than it’s what Target had in stores at the time we bought one.

Solly Wrap

This is something I suggest to EVERY new mom, parent, or what have you…the Solly wrap has saved my sanity many MANY times & that is not an exaggeration. With both my kids there would be days they would refuse to nap unless I was holding them & frankly, I had stuff I needed to get done.

So I’d wrap up those sweet little bebes & vacuum, do dishes, laundry or get outside & go for a walk. No matter the task, my Solly wrap has always been a place of comfort for my little ones.

Car Seat & Stroller

We really have loved the Chico Keyfit 30 for both Quincy & Daxton. I know a lot of parents do tons of research on which car seat to choose & I’ll probably get flack for saying this, but we picked one that was light to carry & wasn’t incredibly expensive. It also clicks right into our City Select stroller which I also LOOOOOVE! The stroller was definitely our biggest ticket item, but we’re able to accommodate both our kids in the stroller & I wanted something that would last a really long time.

Saranoni Blanket

One of my good friends gifted Quincy a monogrammed blanket from Saranoni & I ordered one for Daxton as well. The blankets are seriously so flipping soft & grow with your babes so well. When they’re tiny newborns, they’re so soft to snuggle with & we took ours with us almost everywhere we went. The Mini Lush Blankets fit perfectly in the car seat with them to cover up their little tootsies if the weather is cold. Now, as a toddler, Quincy carries hers around as her security blanket. I’ve had my eyes on the adult-sized blankets for quite some time now!


Having a really good swaddle is really important & we couldn’t love the Ollie more! I wish we had used these with Quincy. If the price gives you a bit of a shock, see if you can borrow or buy second-hand. Either way, this was our favorite swaddle to use with Daxton from birth to about 6 months. We just moved him to a sleepsack/wearable blanket to give him a little more room. We always make sure to have a spare as well in case there’s a middle of the night accident.


I’ll be the first to admit, that it’s nearly impossible not to buy all the adorable baby outfits while you’re expecting. However, I quickly learned with both my kids that pajamas (zippered ones specifically) are the most logical outfit of choice. No one wants to be dealing with a slew of buttons at two in the morning when you’re baby is crying & you’re trying to get them warm, snuggly, and back to sleep. Trust me on this one, zipper pajamas are life!

The entire Cloud Island line from Target is incredible. Especially their pajamas!

Diaper Caddy

This one may not make sense for everyone, but we live in a multi-level home so having a basket full of all the diaper changing necessities on each level was a must. I didn’t make anything too fancy, just used a wicker basket like this & made sure to always have wipes, diaper cream & as the kids got older, a small toy for them to play with while I changed their diaper. These were a lifesaver, so I wasn’t having to run from floor to floor when changing a diaper, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Boppy Pillow

Another tried & true baby product for us! Especially, the second time around because Quincy has been able to use it.

Great for nursing babies, great for bottle-fed babies, great for big siblings who want to hold or help feed their little siblings, great for growing with the baby as they do tummy time and learn to sit up. Do I need to keep going?


Okay, this baby can be tough for some parents to swallow (slight pun intended there), but I can’t tell you how many times we have used this sucker (pun DEFINITELY intended). Both Quincy and Daxton have had congestion and colds at pretty teeny ages so sucking out their nasty nose boogers is something Jordan and I are pretty accustomed to. Have no fear though, there is a tiny filter in this contraption that keeps the boogs from going into your mouth. I swear…it works freakishly well!

Blackout Curtains

The darker the better…these are in both Quincy & Daxton’s rooms. Not much to say here other than that I’ve contemplated getting these for my bedroom, but I’m afraid I’d never want to get out of bed…

Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough

Last but most certainly, not least…If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me post about my all-time, hands-down, most favorite ice cream in all the world. Something Jordan and I love to treat ourselves to after a long day of surviving with a newborn & toddler! #treatyoself





I’d love to hear what has and hasn’t worked for you as well, so drop a note in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

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